ATMECO ASIA PTE. LTD. is now officially rebranded as AMC ENVIRONTECH PTE. LTD.
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Q.ION Disinfect Cars

AMC Environtech Antimicrobial Coating For Automobile provides superior air quality within the car. Based on our proprietary Q.ION™ Technology, our antimicrobial coating Disinfects, Deodorizes, and Removes VOCs from your car interior. Our water-based solution effectively eliminates most harmful microbes & mold. This coating continuously protects you and your love ones - 24/7 and lasting up to a year.

  • Improves the air quality in your car
  • Disinfecting, Deodorizing, Removal of VOCs
  • 99.99% effective elimination of most harmful microbes & mold
  • Backed with our 1-year Warranty

Hurry while stocks last!!!

Hatchback/Mid size sedan @$158 per car
Luxury Sedan/Suv/Mpv/Sports @$218 per car

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