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AMC Environtech Antimicrobial Coating Technology

Effective Sanitization & Disinfection - Experience the miracle with our professionals!

Identify the Areas for Antimicrobial Coating

High touch surface areas such as handrails, door handles, toilet seats, buttons, lifts, turnstiles, interactive touch screens, etc were designated to be treated with  antimicrobial coating

Eliminate and repel the airborne and surface pathogens: Dust, bacteria, virus and fungus / mold

  • The main ingredients of Q.ION™ are Copper Ionic with a specially formulated binder
  • Pathogen like bacteria, virus and fungus will be eliminated

Toxicity Data of the Test Product

To ensure our antimicrobial product is safe for human contact

Acute Oral Toxicity Test
Skin Irritation Test
Eye Irritation Test

ISO Certified